is a site that aims to highlight my travel photos and to share with you these visited places. Some of these places are quite well knonw, but many others are more hidden and yet deserve to be discovered.
Much of this site is devoted to Asia because it is on this continent that I spent most of my professional life and my personal life.
For the most visited countries (Thailand, China, Laos), I tried to bring some information such as descriptions, maps, documents, GPS location and positioning on "Google map".
I hope that through this site, either You will remember places that you have already visited, or it will give you the desire to go there ...
THAILAND  (2000~2020)    
                More than 100000 pictures taken in 75 of the 76 provinces of Thailand between year 2000 and  now including numerous National parks, most of the attraction and scenic sites.

Photos organized by province, district, attraction site with description, location map and some related documents
CHINA   (2000~2014)  
    21 provinces visited, the most interesting attraction of each of them including Chinese daily life illustrated with more than 10000 pictures taken between 2000 and 2014.    
LAOS (2006~2019)  
    Photos of my trips to Loas between 2006 and 2019. It covers some Central provinces but also all provinces of the Southern part of this country.    
CAMBODIA (1998)  
    More than 1100 pictures to discover the old Khmer era with the ruins of the temple s of Ankor but also the traditional life of the country side.    
    Scan of 24X36mm slides

Around 480 photos of Hanoi, Halong Bay, Lachau, Dien Bien Phu, ...and all the marvelous tribes villages
HONG KONG (1995)   
    Scan of 24X36mm slides
Some picture of this Island just before its retrocession to China.
Countries of AFRICA
ALGERIA (1984)
Scan of 24X36mm slides
Scan of 24X36mm slides
EGYPT (1984)
Scan of 24X36mm slides
(From Nigeria to France by car)
Scan of 24X36mm slides
NIGERIA (1986 ~ 1992)
Scan of 24X36mm slides
TOGO (1991)
Scan of 24X36mm slides
Countries of Central and South AMERICA
ECUADOR (1987)
Scan of 24X36mm slides
Scan of 24X36mm slides
MEXICO (1985)
Scan of 24X36mm slides
    "Voyager c'est profiter de moments éphémères, les photographier c'est les immortaliser et pouvoir se les remémorer"

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