THAILAND 2000~2016  More than 100000 pictures covering more than 70% of the Thai provinces visited between 2000 and 2016 with Description, Maps and Documents of most of the sites.

   Plus de 100000 photos couvrant plus de 70% des provinces Thaïlandaises visitées entre 2000 et 2016 avec Description, Cartes et Documents de la plupart des sites.

       CHINA 2000~2014  ------------------------------------------------------------
 21 provinces visited so far, the most interesting attraction of each of them including Chinese daily life illustrated with more than 10000 pictures taken between 2000 and 2014.

 21 provinces visitées jusqu’à présent, les sites les plus intéressant  ainsi que la vie quotidienne en Chine illustrée par plus de 10000 photos prises entre 2000 et 2014.

   ASIA (others)

 NORTH VIETNAM (1996)  Scan of 24X36mm slides
   480 photos of Hanoi, Halong Bay, Lachau, Dien Bien Phu, ...and all the marvelous tribes villages visited in 1996.

 HONG KONG (1995)  Scan of 24X36mm slides
   Some picture of this Island just before its retrocession to China.

 JAPAN () 

 LAOS () 

 CAMBODIA (1998)  Scan of 24X36mm slides
1100 pictures to discover the old Khmer era with Ankor wat but also the traditional life of the country side  .
 TOGO (1991)  Scan of 24X36mm slides
Around 280 pictures taken around the Republic of Togo in 1991.

 NIGERIA (1986 ~ 1992)  Scan of 24X36mm slides
Selection of around 500 pictures covering most of the provinces of the Nigeria

 NIGER AND SAHARA (From Nigeria to France by car) (1988)  Scan of 24X36mm slides
   My most memorable trip..., 35 days driving through Nigeria, Niger and Algeria before to reach France

   EGYPT (1984)  Scan of 24X36mm slides
   620 photos to discover the most popular sites of this giant of Africa
 CAMEROON (1990)  Scan of 24X36mm slides
   400 pictures of the North of the Cameroon (Tribes villages, markets, peoples and Waza animal reserve)

 ALGERIA (1984)  Scan of 24X36mm slides
   Hoggar mountains, Sahara desert, highlands of Kalibia and major cities presented in these 600 slides.

 GUATEMALA (1985)  Scan of 24X36mm slides
   Visit of one of the most fascinating county with 500 slides taken in 1985 - The country may have changed a lot...

 MEXICO (1985)  Scan of 24X36mm slides
Some picture of Mexico, and southern provinces

 ECUADOR (1987)  Scan of 24X36mm slides
With Galapagos islands, Amazonia, Highlands,... this country offers diversity presented in these 500 pictures


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